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Metrics won't build loyal riders

Metrics won't build loyal riders
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Properly responding, tracking, and cataloging your riders complaints could be a game changer for saving your sanity. It's impossible to keep everyone happy learning where to focus will save your sanity. Transit Chat helps you focus on how data and complaints are related so that you can easily focus.

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It's near impossible to keep track  all of the complaints and investigate them and respond appropriately. Whether it is through your call center, website or social media you are pretty much guaranteed that you will never get to inbox 0. Responding and tracking previous responses can help you out in the future and may help you get some of your responses off of your plate.

Customers input is golden

In every other industry companies  are seeking feedback on how to improve processes that spin customer into an improved product.

Everyday your riders drop this off on your desk. The difference is you are trying to drink from a fire hose making it impossible to not feel overwhelmed, but it truly is important for you to focus on how to turn this into an opportunity.

Transit Chat funnels and organizes your customers stories like Marie Kondo from your call center to your desk

This type of mentality of seeing the value that you already know to be true needs to be shown not only to your staff so that they can properly respond, but to the customer so they feel like they are not screaming into the abyss.

the overwhelming feeling of being a transit planner

You are focused too much on metrics

While using mindless metrics can be difficult to break free from, you still need to show something to the board. You and the board  will start associating your success with these numbers, but the reality is these numbers are simply a symptom of your success.

Transit Chat amplifies your customers voices through organization and helps you focus on what you can do to help them.

Everyone love a good line chart that shows the line going up the chart like a rocket, but these numbers will not build a loyal customer base. Balancing when to use testimonials and data is a step in the right direction to gaining riders that care about your system and a board that feels the community support.

How opinion and facts can work together

While both types of data that you get are equally important, you should be focused on how you can use the two of them together.

Obviously, you should take the time to tag each of the testimonials with the routes, stops or times of day, but you should also be focused on looking at if there was anything different happening that day (say for instance the Cardinal's game downtown). These testimonials should be how you plan your course of action when investigating issues and analyzing operations data.

Transit Chat gives you the ability to see the performance that corresponds to your customer testimonies on the same page

From their you will be able to come up with a story about why this is important to your customers, what you can do about it and use this information to take action and if need be convince your board that this is important enough to take focus.

you trying to pull it all together

Keep everyone in the loop

Transit Chat specializes in getting things out of your inbox and getting everyone to communicate better by making things simple. By reducing your teams daily email gives you more time to focus on your riders.

Transit Chat's update feed allows your team to stay connected by highlighting the good work that you and your team are working on.

We are confident that creating a user feed instead of your inbox to organize the great work that your team does. It allows it all to be in the open. No reply all's, no missing attachment, and no confusion on what the most up to date info is.

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